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Our Services

RJ MacLean is the leading provider specialized tank cleaning equipment and services. Our core business is tank and vessel cleaning. We provide customized equipment and solutions to every kind of tank cleaning problem. In addition to our core service RJ MacLean has also expanded to additional service lines. Specifically, RJ MacLean is well represented in the energy industry providing the following services:

Tank Profiling

RJ Maclean’s proprietary profiling process combines IR imaging, tank topography plotting, representative sludge sampling extraction tools, and chemical/lab analysis, to provide tank owners with as much pre-project data as possible. This allows customers to make informed decisions when selecting their tank cleaning process.

RJ Maclean uses specially designed mobile equipment to extract representative sludge samples from tank bottoms.

RJ Maclean utilizes the tank profiling to more accurately bid projects and follow a comprehensive tank cleaning plan. Better planning allows for improved performance and execution. The RJ Maclean scoping process determines the ideal equipment to most effectively complete the project. Project risks, assessments, job safety analysis, safe work plans and project scope, are thus calculated before our crews even arrive on site

Lab Analysis

At RJ Maclean, an extensive tank sampling process is completed prior to commencing all cleaning projects. This process enables RJ MacLean teams and asset owners to have a clear understanding of the project scope and sludge composition prior to moving into the bid phase.

RJ Maclean incorporates tank profiling as part of its due diligence before bidding on projects. Tank scoping is also a stand-alone service offering.

Comprehensive tank scoping tools and procedures allow RJ Maclean to acquire precise, real-time data, contributing to delivering tailored cleaning solutions. RJ Maclean provides specialized tank profiling equipment to ensure accurate quoting and development of site specific project plans.

A representative sludge sample is extracted using unique sludge scoping technology, while infrared technology is used to show sludge levels and plot topography of the tanks. RJ Maclean then completes a lab analysis to determine the nature and characteristics of the sludge to develop an accurate project plan based on the lab findings and bench-scale testing.

Degassing Operation

Degassing is done on tanks, vessels, and interconnecting piping with the purpose of removing a multitude of contaminants. Utilizing custom formulated chemistry RJ Maclean is able to remove H2S, LELs, pyrophorics, ammonia, and more, depending on the root cause, and allow the systems to be cleaned, safe for entry, and safe for inspection. Degassing is done either via vapour or liquid phase. RJ Maclean can inject degassing chemistry either into steam or water to contact the surfaces of the system to be cleaned.

Fluid Management

RJ Maclean understands the large economic and environmental impact that water usage and waste can cause both environmentally and economically on cleaning projects. Implementing processes which encourage the recycling of water and waste minimization wherever possible is a priority. As noted in our case studies we have been able to drastically reduce the water usage and waste volumes with many customers to the point where we have even been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in water and waste mitigation alone. Instead of disposing of large volumes of water and sludge mixtures RJ Maclean is able to utilize our high volume decanters and tricanters to process the solid waste from the liquid and only dispose of the solids while recycling the liquid.

Lab Chemistry

RJ Maclean Personnel have the expertise and experience to treat any tank contamination problem. From deposition/sediment removal, to toxic solutions, to bacterial degradation, RJ MacLean provides practical, safe and cost-effective solutions.

Proprietary solution development and exclusive relationships with chemical raw material suppliers, and formulators, combined with in-house chemical expertise allows us to provide tailor-made chemical cleaning solutions to our clients.

RJ MacLean draws from a broad scope of international chemical industry and academic relationships in the development and introduction of innovative chemical solutions related to chemical cleaning and in-situ treatment processes.

Notable project cases include

  • H2S Neutralization
    Liquid & Vapour Phase Scavenging
  • Pyrophoric Controls
    Liquid & Surface Treatments
  • Paraffin Fluidization
  • Asphaltene Fluidization
  • Treatment & Removal of Bio-Solids & Bacteria
  • Acid & Caustic System Neutralization
  • Vapour Abatement and Odour Control
  • In-situ Separation of Hydrocarbons, Solids, and Water, Streams
  • Substrate Degreasing/Degassing

High Pressure

With a diverse fleet of specialized high pressure equipment RJ Maclean is fully prepared to the point where we are able to provide all services required. Our high pressure services are key to all projects performed, but can also be used outside of our core tank cleaning service. Our highly trained staff are able to utilize our ancillary equipment in a variety of categories across industry.

  • 8,000 - 40,000 psi units
  • 4,000 psi units
  • High Pressure 3d tools
  • High Pressure 2d tools
  • Centralizers (pipelines and heat exchanger shells)
  • Combo Vac
  • Vac Truck
  • High pressure / high volume pumps
  • High volume / low pressure pumps
  • Transfer pumps

Product Processing

Slop Oil Processing

De-oiling is a critical requirement in today's operations with more focus on oil recovery and water reuse. With RJ MacLean Technologies, we have effectively and efficiently cleaned all varieties of emulsions.

The evolution of modularized centrifuge processes has given industry the ability to manage their production waste at the site. Our ability to draw on decades of process operations experience with in-house manufacturing and engineering has allowed RJ Maclean the ability to provide industry-leading designs in all their processes.

RJ Maclean’s mobile rental fleet has capacity from 5m3/hr to 75m3/hr. With systems that easily scale up and down, we can handle rates for any volume of flow.

RJ Maclean can provide a variety of tricanters for site-specific processing while providing our customers with industry-leading operational support.

Solids Processing Technology

Dredging and dewatering are crucial aspects of many industries. RJ Maclean has been able to perform these tasks in multiple areas of operations. We have been involved with municipal, pulp and paper, mining, oilfield dredging and dewatering projects. The storage, handling, and transport of solid materials are common operations throughout the oil and gas industry. In some sectors, the majority of the raw materials and products may be solids, solids processing can play a predominant role in many other industries as well. In the oil industry, however, some handling of solids is required; raw materials, byproducts or products themselves. Knowledge of solids handling principles and techniques are thus required throughout various industries including oil and gas. Typical subjects that feature in this area include; monitoring solids flow and level, blending and separation, feeding and conveying, characterizing particle size and shape, and handling of materials including safety and environmental considerations.

At RJ Maclean we pride ourselves on the capability to handle the full scope of these projects. We can provide the dredges, fluid processing, and the transportation for these projects. We have performed these services on both live and shut in ponds.