Robotic Tank Cleaning

RJ MacLean’s Tank Cleaning team provides an exceptional standard of service for specialty and routine tank cleaning services at all facilities. We benefit from a core belief of maximizing automated/robotics equipment in all applicable areas. RJ MacLean also employs the most thorough and capable entry crews for fine cleaning. Scroll down for more information.

Robotic Equipment

RJ Maclean is North America’s #1 developer of customized robotic tank cleaning equipment. All RJ Maclean’s robotics have been custom built and designed to excel in the most difficult and hazardous conditions. We continuously reinvest in our personnel and equipment development to improve on the current models, and to ensure that we remain innovators in the market.


RJ Maclean employs our SandPiper sludge removal as a platform for more effective and efficient methods of jet mixing employed. The SandPiper assembly will connect directly onto tanks where they will be able to draw and pump from one connection. The SandPiper injection nozzle is adjusted inside the tank to direct circulation on several planes and mix the tank effectively. This circulation and agitation allows us to suspend the sludge and solid depositions in the tank medium or other desirable diluent. Once suspended the solution can then be removed as a whole or for In-Situ processing. Patented proprietary separating systems are used in stand-alone applications or in tandem with conventional decanter and tricanter systems.

Confined Space Entry

Confined space entry is an integral and often unavoidable part of the tank cleaning process. RJ Maclean provides highly skilled CSE specialists that are properly trained and vetted before entering any confined space. Cleaners equipped with our suite of industry leading robotic equipment are able to tackle any scope of work safely and effectively. Utilizing high pressure units and tailored chemistry, our operators ensure tanks and vessels meet any client requested standards.