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Tank Cleaning


RJ MacLean’s Tank Cleaning team provides an exceptional standard of service for specialty and routine tank cleaning services at all facilities. We benefit from a core belief of maximizing automated/robotics equipment in all applicable areas. RJ MacLean also employs the most thorough and capable entry crews for fine cleaning. Scroll down for more information.


RJ Maclean is North America’s #1 developer of customized robotic tank cleaning equipment. All RJ Maclean’s robotics have been custom built and designed to excel at the most difficult and hazardous tasks associated with tank cleaning. We continuously reinvest in our personnel and equipment development to improve on the current models, and to ensure that we remain innovators in the market. See our custom equipment below:

Manway Cannon: RJ Maclean’s Manway Cannon Systems comes fully equipped with remote controlled liquid injection nozzle, full HD cameras, gas detection, high pressure/high volume pump, and a modernized control room. This system is able to offer the best control and mobility of any cannon systems in the industry, further, it is able to provide live and recorded video updates to our clients throughout the project cycle.

ROV: Hydraulic supplied tracked robot, operated safely from a control room. 1080p front and rear cameras. Night vision option. High volume injection nozzle. Able to provide a mobile suction point inside tank. Able to remove sludge build ups/debulk tank without using manned entry. Entry capability through existing manways as small as 24".

Mover: Manually operated, hydraulic supplied track robot. Air attachment for level 1 CSE. Eliminates the need for manually shoveling sludge build ups. Used to push tank bottoms to suction point or out D-door. Considerably reduces duration of the debulking process while reducing manpower requirements. Very safe alternative to multiple manned entry.

RJ Maclean benefits from use of robotic tools through all phases of the cleaning process and we are focused on drastically reducing the most costly and lengthy process of tank cleaning, the manned entry period. The advanced robotics require fewer operators and have a much higher productivity rate than large numbers of human entrants.

Sand Piper

RJ Maclean employs our SandPiper as a platform for more effective and efficient methods of jet mixing employed for a variety of reasons. The SandPiper assembly will connect directly onto tanks where they will be able to draw and pump from one connection. The SandPiper injection nozzle is adjusted inside the tank to direct circulation on several planes and mix the tank effectively. This circulation and agitation allows us to suspend the sludge and solid depositions in the tank medium or other desirable diluent. Once suspended the solution can then be removed as a whole or for In-Situ processing. Patented proprietary separating systems are used in stand-alone applications or in tandem with conventional decanter and tricanter systems.

The SandPiper performs several functions through one tool and can perform all functions independently or simultaneously.

  • Injection
  • Circulation/Blending
  • Discharge
  • Slip-streaming

The SandPiper tool is installed on existing man-way nozzles with no requirement for welding. Hot-tapping is not required and the shell integrity will not be affected. For the instances when the tank level is above the nozzles and no isolation valve exists, RJ Maclean is able to support with cold tapping the existing blind flange to install temporary connections that accommodate our equipment. Upon completion, temporary flanges can be replaced by permanent universal type flanges configured to the customers’ specification for future cleaning consideration

Fine Cleaning

RJ Maclean is able to provide fine cleaning in a multitude of ways. No matter the requirements or the vessel configuration, we benefit from our incredibly skilled crews who excel at entry to perform necessary fine cleaning activities. The different Specifications RJ Maclean crews most often perform are as follows:

Spec 1: This cleaning type prepares for any hot work or repair work inside the tank and or vessel with a combination of degreasing, pressure washing and gamma jet washing from top of tank to the bottom of the tank this includes

  • Sumps
  • Nozzles
  • Floor and shell substrate
  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Piping

Spec 2:This cleaning type allows for Visual inspection of the tank and or vessel with a combination of pressure washing and solids removal from floor and sumps and nozzles and up to the first course weld this includes all

  • Sumps
  • Nozzles
  • Floor
  • 8 feet up Tank Shell
  • Piping

Spec 3: This type of cleaning is for removing the bulk of the solids and washing three (3) feet up the tank shell exposing the wall to the floor weld this includes all

  • Sumps
  • Nozzles
  • Floor
  • Piping

In our history we have a proven track record of being able to perform Spec 2 and Spec 3 with little or on occasion, zero manned entry required. However, for Spec 1 cleans, and situational Spec 2/3 cleans, RJ Maclean relies on highly specialized and very well trained entry crew to perform all manual cleaning tasks.