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RJ Maclean is a leader in robotic tank cleaning services, we constantly strive for improvement by developing new technologies and processes.

Tank Cleaning

RJ Maclean provides both robotic and traditional tank cleaning services. In a few years we have become an industry leader. Find out why.


Our automated systems provide us with a high degree of effciencey and safety. Furthermore, they give us information which inturn, allows us an advantage in estimating projects more accurately.


At RJ Maclean we strongly believe that improvements in technology should lead to a safer  and more effective workplace for everyone. That is why we develop our own equipment in-house.

robotic Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

RJ MacLean Tank Services is a leading Canadian-based tank cleaning company. Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in several countries, spanning four continents. We provide our customers with strong, reliable, trustworthy, and forward-thinking solutions for the cleaning of their tanks. We have built our RJ MacLean philosophy around the simple principle of embracing change and advancements in industry. Our leading-edge processes and equipment offer tailored solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.

Chemical Testing & Cleaning

Tailored Solutions

RJ Maclean personnel have the expertise and experience to treat any tank contamination problem. From deposition/sediment removal, to toxic solutions, to bacterial degradation, RJ MacLean provides practical, safe and cost-effective solutions.

Proprietary solution development and exclusive relationships with chemical raw material suppliers, and formulators, combined with in-house chemical expertise allows us to provide tailor-made chemical cleaning solutions to our clients.

Our Progression Over Time

Robotic Equipment

This video is of one of our early water cannons inside a tank breaking up hard to reach and hazardous materials. Since this video was taken we have improved our manway cannons with full HD cameras, more powerful nozzles , a more robust construction and better recording equipment so you can monitor the progress of your project without having to leave the office.

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