About Us

Our Vision

“RJ MacLean’s Tank Cleaning team provides an exceptional standard of service for specialty and routine tank cleaning services at all facilities. We benefit from a core belief of maximizing automated/robotics equipment in all applicable areas. RJ MacLean also employs the most thorough and capable entry crews for fine cleaning. Scroll down for more information.”

Our Mission

“To provide services that continuously challenge and improve upon current industry methods; specifically focusing on improving safety, efficiency and environmental practices.”

The mission of the RJ owned Group of Companies is to provide structural resources and innovation through the strength of the individual entities, that might not otherwise be available to emerging businesses. Each entity has discovered a gap or niche in the market, and is constantly and effectively pursuing new and exciting segments. Thus, RJ is challenging traditional oilfield processes and equipment. Our focus is to invest and nurture companies which offer products and services to ensure improved safety for individuals and property, environmental consciousness and sustainability, while improving our client’s profitability.

The RJ system requires that stakeholders reassess not only traditional oilfield service processes, but industry methods as a whole. RJ and its owned-entities are, by design, an industry disruptor; as they challenges all industry players to adopt innovative practices, in order to achieve similar results, so together we can greatly improve the the status quo.

RJ’s vision is to create innovation that improves safety, efficiency and sustainability in energy.

Health, Safety & Environment

RJ MacLean believes that the only way to keep our employees, workplace, surrounding communities and environment safe is a dedicated commitment to 100% HSE and a zero tolerance to shortcuts or compromises. RJ MacLean adopts a “zero incident performance” culture.

It is through our people and subcontractors that we enact the implementation of RJ MacLean HSE Policy, identify and mitigate risks, and keep our work environment safe. Our people are the heart of our 100% safe workplace.

All RJ MacLean employees are empowered and obliged to intervene in any unsafe situations, address the issue, and ensure that our policies and procedures are followed. We make sure that we stay as one of the safest oil and gas service companies across North America. At RJ MacLean, we are proud that our Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) rate is the lowest in the industry for the last three years.

In order for RJ MacLean to achieve a 100% HSE, it is a continuous and never-ending effort, where there is no room for complacency at work. By embracing, believing in and being accountable for 100% HSE, we make sure everyone goes home safe every day.

RJ MacLean’s HSE Management framework manages all business risks in line with our established HSE policies, systems, procedures and guidelines. This safeguards integrity of our business, operations and processes, and is vital to ensure that we deliver what we promise our clients in a safe manner.