Recovery Savings

November 22, 2021


A 109-foot diameter sour crude slop tank required a holistic tank cleaning solution. The client requested detailed tank sampling, a comprehensive chemistry solution, and product processing for recovery. The project goal was to reduce uncertainty in the tank cleaning scope and execution, which had historically presented a challenge.


In addition to a 1,200 ppm H2S hazard needing to be mitigated, the project presented strict product recovery quality tolerances. An explosive atmosphere and pyrophoric risk also required a comprehensive chemical protocol to mitigate the various hazards. RJ Maclean needed to account for these circumstances while still offering a reliable and financially viable processing system for product recovery to reduce disposal costs & volumes.


Project planning began with a comprehensive sampling program to determine the nature and characteristics of the crude slop sludge. This allowed for RJ Maclean to develop a tailored solution for the circulation, neutralization and processing of sludge. Robotic and non-entry cleaning equipment reduced personnel exposure to the tank hazards.


RJ Maclean succeeded in reducing scope uncertainty via sampling and pre-project planning. The tank hazards were safely neutralized. Recovered oil met the specification for return and was sent to the crude processing unit, creating a $250,000 savings. The tank cleaning scope was completed with an 85 percent reduction in personnel exposure. The overall project was completed safely while achieving $800,000 in savings and a 50 percent reduction in the cleaning schedule.



Savings in Cleaning Costs


Savings in Recovered Oil


Reduction in Personnel Exposure


Reduction in Cleaning Schedule